Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dress up your stuff!

So, Saturday was the Second Annual National Can It Forward! Day. I didn't hear about it last year, but this year - thanks to FaceBook! :D - I got in on it early. No benefits - no coupons, no recognition - but a chance to pass on knowledge that's in danger of being lost. Most of you know I really enjoy seeing people learn - and we had a GREAT time. :)

Everyone got to make covers for their jars - this was my sample jar; I also made labels for everyone to put on their jam. The circular label was from the organization group; they meant for them to be printed onto labels and stuck to the top of the jars. I, however, had another idea. :D

We used the Big Shot to cut out the fabric. I can remember, when we were little, Mom using pinking shears to cut fabrics when she wanted to dress anything up. It took a long time, and trust me, cutting that much hurts your fingers and hands! That's one of the things I LOVE about the Big Shot; it makes things SO much easier. :) Mom had found a box of plaid fabrics; I cut what I wanted to gifts way before Saturday, so anyone who wanted more than one scallop circle could use whatever they wanted - and some of the ladies cut quite a few! :)

(Did you know? With the new hostess plan, you can get your Big Shot for HALF PRICE! Just host a qualifying party, and you can get ANY item Stampin' Up! sells for half price! Book your party now!!!!)

The scallop for the hang tag is the largest scallop circle; after I printed out the "label", I punched them out with a circle punch. I could only punch out every other one because of spacing, but it still worked. And the colors in their logo matched Wild Wasabi! :D We used silver elastic cord for the hanging part.

See how you can use paper (and your other toys tools) to decorate things around your house, to freshen up your look for pennies - and be able to change it again easily!

DEMOS: I've heard your pleas for info about the dominoes. I'll be making a video tutorial just for you this weekend. :)

OK, I'm outta here. I'm going to be stamping - are YOU? Be sure to take the time to STAMP something!!


Moose Ridge said...

dominoes? did I miss dominoes?

I forget how many things we can cut with the BS -- you're so good at reminding me... now if you could just come organize me so we could find the stuff to do art....


Ginny said...

I am going to have to try cutting out fabric with my Cuttlebug!