Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home & Hearth, share #2!

Good morning! :) Are you impressed? :D I'm sorry I was AWOL again last week - it's difficult for me, if I don't pre-post, to use the energy during the week to do it! Life is SO busy right now, something usually gives - and it's the blog first. I hope you miss me when I'm not here. :D

Another thing to share with you: I've seen a preview of the Occasions Mini, which comes out in January. Oh, FRIENDS! Let me suggest you start saving NOW; anything you get for Christmas, put in your piggy bank - I want almost EVERYTHING! There are some incredible things - I need to win the LOTTERY!!!!! :D

OK. Just so you know, I chose the candle that has fallen 7 feet onto the floor several times, so someone else could have the GOOD candles. :D That's why it looks a bit lumpy and disfigured. LOL! It really is pretty IRL, I promise.... :D

Have a WONDERFUL day, and be SURE to take the time to STAMP something! Oh, and ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, the new MUPPETS movie opens! :D

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Ginny said...

Of course I miss you when you don't post! Very pretty candle.