Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!!

Phew. Dad's office was torn apart today, so no internet!!!! It was AWFUL!!!!

I couldn't post ANYTHING!!!!!!

I wanted to show you what we did yesterday. :)
Amy is on the left, and this is Melissa. They're working on the project I designed, and the tutorial you'll get to see soon. :D

This card is Amy's project. Isn't it CUTE?? Love the color combination, and the fun feel of the card.

The gift card holder, at the top of the page, is going to take its place in a gift card holder class. It's too cute for words!!! Not hard at all; Melissa did all the cutting, so all we had to do was assemble!

I think I'm going to stop now, because the power is surging. It scares me!!!! We had a great time yesterday, and too bad you couldn't be here. :D Let's just say FOOD figured into the day, big-time, and we laughed and talked a LOT.

Friends. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO grateful for EVERY SINGLE ONE I HAVE!!!!!!!!

Now. Go take the time to STAMP something - I am! :D