Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2-4-6-8 Box Tutorial!

NOTE: This is another version of the box I show in the tutorial; have fun with either one!

Easy, easy!!! This box is used a LOT by many demonstrators; we use it a lot at my house! :) I thought I'd give you a tutorial on it, since it's so simple. Shot fresh this morning, I hope you enjoy it! Be sure and send me pics - or even the real thing! - of what YOU do with this one.

What you will need: Card stock, 5.5"x8.5"; scissors or paper snips; bone folder, or cutter kit scoring blade; ruler; stamps to decorate the outside of your box (I'm using So Swirly Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel); Sticky Strip; ribbon for closing, if desired. Grid paper highly recommended!

1. Decorate card stock as desired; turn over, and line up in corner of your grid paper - so you can score without having to measure first!

2. Start scoring at 2". Do so at 4", 6", and 8", also.

I drew pencil lines, so you could see the score lines easier!

3. Now, line your ruler up so it goes across your card stock, and score all the way across at 1 inch.

4. Take your scissors, and start cutting up to that 1" score line from the bottom; these are going to make your bottom flaps for your box.

5. Cut the small tab off on the corner; it should look like this when you're done!

6. Now, angle the ends of the small tab; this scan shows you what it should look like when you're done cutting!

7. Fold on all your score lines, toward the inside.

8. Grab your Sticky Strip! Put alongside the DECORATED SIDE of the small tab, and on two flaps - either numbers 1&3, as in the photo, or the 2&4. (That would be the ones NOT done in the photo!) This will make more sense later. :D Use your bone folder to burnish the Sticky Strip down, so the protective red plastic will come up easier.

9. Fold the side attached to the small tab in, as in the photo. This will make assembly SO much easier!

10. Fold the opposite side in to meet; once joined, flatten and smooth to adhere.

Tada! You have a rectangle! :D

11. Turn upside down; fold in flaps WITHOUT Sticky Strip. Now, peel the red backing off one side at a time, and stick down on top of the un-sticky flaps.

Tada! You've got a bottom on your box! Now, flip it over!

Take your bone folder and press against the bottom, to make sure your adhesive sticks really well.

TRADITIONAL CLOSURE: You can keep your box open, like the baby one above, OR you can form a closure for it.

12. Pinch sides together, so the back and the front meet at the top.

13. Using scissors, notch sides while holding the back and front together - this is so the notches line up when you close it again!

Now, fill the box with whatever you wish.

14. Using ribbon or hemp, wrap around your box top twice, and tie. You may add a tag, or whatever additional decoration you wish!

Now, let's see what YOU do with this simple, versatile box! :)