Sunday, February 3, 2008

I've got ONE suggestion for a new tutorial...

and it's to use metal on a card. Cathy, can you tell me what TYPE of metal you're talking about? Real metal, metallic stuff, you tell me! :D Just need a little clarification!

I've already got an idea for you, ALL my own design, copied from something I found IRL. My mom laughed when I told her what I was going to do with this "something"; she said, "You're always thinking about what you can do with stuff, aren't you?" I told her the day I stop finding fun, innovative things to do, my business dies - and I LOVE what I do too much to let that happen! :D

Monday is going to be a FUN day with Melissa and Amy, so I won't have time to do anything tomorrow - hopefully, I can shoot the tutorial on Tuesday, but I am NOT promising anything! :D

For now, be content with this example of faux silk. It was a card from the Advanced Techniques class last month; I really love this simple, easy technique - and, if I'd had the chance to go into the back yard, I would have used a twig or two under the saying to add to the feel of this. All my class guests loved the color combinations. :)

OK, I'm off. I've got to get up and be READY in the morning! :D I'll report back on how much fun we had. Just so you can be jealous! :D

Have a WONDERFUL day!!! Be sure to take the time to STAMP something - I sure am! :D