Friday, October 12, 2007

Have you missed me? :D

PHEW, what a week it's been! I'm sorry we were out of touch so long; there's not much Internet access in the middle of corn- and soybean fields! :)
I just get more and more amazed, every time I go back to Richmond, Indiana, about how much heritage is being lost. When I was young, those of us there wanted to leave as soon as we could - and didn't want to appreciate much around us! There's so much history, and small-town culture, and life lessons we could have absorbed if we'd paid attention. :)
SO. I'm back - and I'm stampin' - but my secret sister for Tennessee Stampers has to get her cards, or I'm going to be in trouble. :D So expect to see stamped things here tomorrow - but for today, enjoy the field corn, and look around - I bet you'll find lots of things to enjoy in your little corner of the world!
TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D