Monday, October 29, 2007

Hostess Appreciation 2007 a SMASHING SUCCESS!

I think I can say it was a smashing success! I had thirteen hostesses actually be able to attend from the last year; some of them have hostessed multiple times, and some are continuing in the hostess club to hostess. But there is always room for new hostesses; if you'd like to come next year, please contact me to have a party - even if it's YOU placing a large enough order to earn party benefits, you get to come! :)

So. I fix a homemade meal every year; this year's menu was:

baked ham

au gratin potatoes

green beans

butternut squash - the ONLY thing that I didn't make enough of. WOW, was it popular!

Apple crisp with storebought vanilla ice cream

It was yummy, for sure - Laura said, "...the food was more than Luncheon, it was dinner and everything was so delicious...." :D I love hearing that!! LOL!

Next, we all cleared off the table - it was amazing how quickly this happened! :D - so we could get to stamping. Oh, and I didn't mention everyone won a door prize during the day, plus a grand prize, did I....

Part of my gift to my hostesses at this luncheon is table favors - there were two different ones this year - and the templates for those. Nothing we make at the hostess appreciation will I ever do in a class or workshop, so those are different and very special every year. Same for the projects; I try to do one more for the "supply" or "business" side of stamping, and this year, I gave everyone a CD with 182 jpegs of projects and 2 other templates on it. So, one of the projects was decorating the CD and making a matching envelope for it; it's on the collage up there.

The second project was a tunnel card. This is the outside; the inside is up in the collage photo. It's intricate, and a lot of work, but I think everyone enjoyed it - a few people said they were going to do some for Christmas, even! Once you get the concept understood, it's just work, not HARD. :D

So, it was a great afternoon! Here's what Kathy said: "I will definitely be a hostess next year. I would not want to miss out on this special day!!!!!" I hope you'll take advantage of this special, extra perk for my hostesses. Don't ask to learn a tunnel card from me! ROFL! It's HOSTESSES ONLY, my dear reader!!

But I DO hope that you'll take the time to STAMP SOMETHING today!!!!!!!!! I'll be back tomorrow, to talk up that challenge - and talk about some blog candy! :D