Saturday, October 6, 2007

On the road again...! :)

Ken and I hit the road in just a few minutes - as soon as he gets back from the reception of the wedding we shot today. MAN, was it HOT enough out there?!?!??! Over 90, and it's OCTOBER!?!?!? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAY. :D We're heading up to Indiana for a little R&R; we've really been working hard lately, and it will be nice to get away from it all for a while. I'm TIRED - and I know he will be, but we're driving about 2 hours tonight. I already can't wait to crawl into bed. :D So I'll be posting, but it may be a little sporadic this week.

Do you like this cute 3x3 card? I got it from my Tennessee Stampers Secret Sister last week(I think...?). VERY pretty, and I love the color choices. It's been a really fun round to play; she's sent me all SU! colors, and great designs and everything! Thanks, SS, if you read my blog! :) I received another card on my way out the door this afternoon; I'll post it and my thanks when I get home on Thursday.

Gotta jet, and make sure I've got everything I need. Have a WONDERFUL rest-of-the-weekend, and a great week, too! And for Pete's sake, TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!