Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh, ye of little faith!! :D

See??? All ready for tonight! I still need to do SOME things, like sweep the floor - and my desk has piles on top of piles - but at least the space is USEABLE again! :)
This will be my last photo of my stamping area this week, because I expect to have things started to be laid out for the hostess appreciation luncheon - and EVERYTHING for that is a surprise, so you won't get clued in until after Saturday. Sorry about that - but YOU can always be a hostess, too! :D It's EASY - ask me how! Freebies, free lunch, and loads of fun - what's NOT to enjoy????
OK, off to get in the shower, and prepare for the rest of my day. :D THAT was a big task that HAD to get done, and I'm so glad it is! GO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!