Monday, September 3, 2012


HAPPY LABOR DAY! I'm sorry this wasn't up first thing this morning; I honestly thought I'd preset a post, but I guess I just THOUGHT about it. Sheesh. :D

So, this is another birthday card, this time for my nephew, D. His birthday isn't until the 14th, so I feel pretty good about getting it all ready. :D The last I heard, he wanted to be a marine biologist, and loved sharks. (What 10-year-old-boy doesn't?!?! :D) So, this is specifically for him.

I have to admit, I had no clue where to start. So I searched for "punch art shark", and this is one I came up with - you can see her original here.

Of course I tweaked it a bit. ;D And I LOVE LOVE LOVE my background on this card. The color is Pool Party - what else?!? :D I took some plastic wrap and bunched it up - I've been teaching this easy technique for YEARS! - and used it to dab VersaMark onto my card stock. Then, I took Iridescent Ice embossing powder and poured it all over. After heating it, I used Shimmery White card stock to make "bubbles".

Tell me what you think! :D Punch art is so much fun - it's so fun to take something like oval and heart punches and make them into an animal! :D

OK, I'm outta here. Got to get busy so I have more stuff to show you! :D Have a WONDERFUL day! I hope you make the time to STAMP something today!!!!


Becky @ Domestic Briefcase said...

OMIGOSH!~ How much fun is this??? I totally love him!

Ginny said...

Definitely an awesome card. I can't believe how easy that background is, and the effect - wow!

I'm not really a fan of punch art, but your shark makes me smile. He is so neat!