Friday, September 21, 2012

Be Well, Mary!

I hate saying goodbye. Don't you? One of my favorite songs is Boyz2Men's "It's So Hard" - you can listen to it by clicking on the title, if you don't know it. (I love a capella music, anyway. :D)

ANYWAY. Earlier this month, it was time to say goodbye to a dear friend and a great customer, Mary. She retired and moved to Iowa to be nearer her son and his family. And I'm SO glad she was able to do that; they're great people! :) But I miss Mary.

This was my little gift for her; I didn't spend a lot of time fancying up the topper, because those are the In Color dahlias, and I wanted her to feel free to take that tag apart and use them. :D

So, you see here another use for those great gusseted bags that are in the Holiday Mini. They're really nice bags; I was impressed with them! They're not going to tear or break easily, so you can load them up if you want. :)

OK, I'm outta here. Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and be SURE to make the time to stamp SOMETHING! And don't forget the ribbon special going on this month! If you want to take advantage of it, order now!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lori!!! I miss you too!!! Mary N.