Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Are YOU up for a challenge???

OK, everyone! I've been wanting to do this for a while, so here goes. :D
If YOU are up for a challenge, have I got one for you!! :) I've got TONS of backgrounds, retired images, paper scraps, etc., that I'd LOVE to have someone else decide what the'd like to do with. My stampin' samples have been decimated, too, and so ANYTHING with a non-retired Stampin' Up!® image would get double points. :) ANYWAY.
IF YOU ARE UP FOR A CHALLENGE: email me at, and let me know. I'll send you an envelope with some things in it - you won't know WHAT will be in there! - and you make as many cards as you want, but if you choose a LITTLE envelope, you send me ONE back. If you choose a LOT envelope, you send me THREE back. :) You keep whatever else you've done - or share with someone else.
I hope to hear from several of you. :) This could be a LOT of fun for you - and as they come in, I'll post them here on the blog for everyone to OOH and AAH over!!!
C'mon. You KNOW you want to take time to STAMP!!!